The Kimberley MacKenzie murder trial ended on December 22, when Steven Jackson was convicted of murder and co-accused Michelle Higgins of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by helping Jackson dismember and dispose of the body parts.

A woman facing jail for her role in the dismemberment and disposal of a murdered Montrose mum has complained about our coverage of her trial.

Just hours after being convicted of helping killer Steven Jackson cut up and hide mother-of-three Kimberley MacKenzie, 29-year-old Michelle Higgins instructed solicitors to issue a strongly-worded complaint to The Courier.

Steven Jackson and Michelle Higgins.

She was unhappy with our reporting of Thursday’s verdict at Glasgow High Court, where she was acquitted of murder but found guilty of helping dismember and hide Miss MacKenzie’s body.

We said the jury returned a not proven verdict on the murder charge because “there was not enough evidence to convict” Higgins. The wording was based on the standard reading of the not proven verdict, as listed in Scots Law for Journalists.

Higgins accused The Courier of reporting “inaccurate facts” about the outcome of the trial and said she was considering a formal complaint.

Solicitors acting for Higgins have already indicated they will withdraw the complaint.

Steven Jackson and Michelle Higgins in Montrose High Street hours after the murder.


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