White cops that have saved Black lives


A quick-thinking Georgia police officer used his coffee break to save a man’s life last week, and the whole dramatic rescue was caught on video.

Keith Haynes of Forest Park was being driven to the hospital in the middle of the night by his mother and brother after he complained of difficulty breathing. However, with the vehicle still several miles away from the Southern Regional Medical Center, Keith stopped breathing entirely.

Haynes’ frantic mom, Linda Tyler, pulled into a nearby BP station after spotting a police officer inside. And as the store’s surveillance camera shows, Forest Park Officer Christopher Simmons then went to work.

“She was pretty upset about her son, her son’s medical problems,” Simmons told the “Today” show on Tuesday. “She was screaming that he wasn’t breathing.”

Officer Simmons brought Haynes into the store, with the assistance of Tyler’s other son. The officer began performing CPR as the relatives anxiously watched.

Simmons was able to restore the 42-year-old Haynes’ breathing within a couple of minutes. Paramedics soon took him to the hospital, where he is now out of intensive care. Haynes had suffered an asthma attack, doctors believe.

Giuliani: Police ‘Don’t Ask if You Are Black or White, They Just Come
to Save You!’

White Cop Saves Black Man From Racially-Motivated Murder

Here’s a story that blows the liberal narrative right out of the water. A white police officer in California saved a black man from being murdered in a hate crime. Not only is that “racist white cop” nonsense busted, but so is the idea that good guys with guns can’t save lives. It’s as if everything the lefties have been saying for the past few years is utter bullshit. Okay, it’s not like that; it is that.

Todd Johnson is a sergeant with the Santa Barbara Police Department. According to KEYT he was off duty on Tuesday evening enjoying a bike ride while blasting some heavy metal music on his mobile device. The State of California generally doesn’t allow people to carry concealed weapons, but because he is a cop Johnson was packing that night, and a good thing too.

Despite the loudness of his metal music, Johnson heard somebody dropping N-bombs and threats. He looked over to a bus stop and saw a Latino man arguing with a black man. The Latino man produced a large double-edged knife and lunged at the black man. Johnson dumped his bike and ran up with his gun drawn. He identified himself as a police officer and ordered the Latino man to drop the weapon.

“Some of the words I used were fairly choice, but I could tell I wasn’t dealing with a rookie and I wanted to make sure he knew he wasn’t either,” said Johnson. “There’s always that awkward moment when this is either going to go his way or my way.”

Fortunately, things went Officer Johnson’s way. The Latino man dropped the knife and was arrested. The black guy, who hasn’t been identified, was unhurt and cooperated fully with the police investigation.

Johnson said even when police are off duty they are aware of what’s happening around them. Although it appears he saved a man’s life, Johnson said he was just doing his job.

The Latino man was identified as 40-year old Francisco Antonio Diego from Miami. Police describe him as a real piece of shit with a lengthy criminal record. He has been charged with attempted murder with a hate crime enhancement and sits in jail on a $1 million bond.

Francisco tried to defend his actions to investigators by saying that he thought the black man had stolen his cigarettes.

Whenever a white cop shoots a black suspect, no matter how justified the circumstances, there is a shitstorm of outrage from the left. Here we have a white officer who definitely saved a black man’s life. Can we expect an outpouring of gratitude from liberals and black activists? Don’t count on it; this doesn’t fit their narrative that racist white cops are committing genocide on black people.

There will be no national news coverage of this story. Obama will not give Sgt. Johnson a thumbs up and the Justice Department won’t award him a medal of achievement. #whitecopsareawesome will not trend on Black Twitter. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson won’t call for a “March of Thanks.” Hillary Clinton will not campaign on this officer’s bravery.

Equally, Moms Demand Action will not point to this incident and say, “hey what do you know? Guns really do save lives.” Billionaire Michael Bloomberg won’t commit millions of dollars to pressure California lawmakers to ease concealed carry in the state. Congressional democrats won’t stage a sit in to demand Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Police Get Shot At, then shield the black man they were questioning…

Police officers risk their lives to keep us safe every single day, but those acts of heroism and sacrifice rarely are noticed or appreciated by the general public.

seattle pd

As the national discussion surrounding race relations has morphed into a larger discussion that centers on a decidedly anti-police narrative vehemently pushed by leftists, the inescapable fact that is too-often overlooked by these liberals is that they made grand assertions about “racist” police while shielded and protected in the cloak of safety maintained by brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for their communities.

… To help remind and to help illustrate this point, please see this video of police officers in Seattle, Washington, shield a black suspect with their bodies when shots begin to ring out.

The video shows police questioning a black man and, when shots begin to be fired, the police take the man to the ground and cover him while drawing their weapons.

Liberals are so happy to accuse police of racism, but here are a group of white officers acting as human shields to protect the life of a black man. Perhaps the ones who are actually racist are the ones protesting cops, chanting “black lives matter”, and calling for dead cops.




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