Death photos of Micah Xavier Johnson following the detonation of a remote-controlled robot may have been leaked on the internet.

According to the Daily Mail, images believed to be of the Dallas police shooter have surfaced.

The photos, which have been blurred in spots due to graphic content, show Micah Johnson laying on his side wearing an armored vest and military clothing in a pile of rubble. He is not missing any arms or legs as a result of the blast. A semi-automatic rifle was beside the suspect, the one that is believed he used Thursday night in the ambush against law enforcement. The black military veteran killed five white police officers and injured seven others in his murderous rampage. He was distraught over the deaths of two black men at the hands of white policemen in Minnesota and Louisiana last week.

Photos of Johnson were released on LiveLeak by an anonymous source.

Bryan Woolston, a U.S. Army explosives expert and technician, said that the blast scene and condition of the corpse were in line with what the aftermath would have looked like following the bomb tactic.

Woolston told the Daily Mail that Johnson would have likely been killed by “catastrophic” internal injuries. According to the report, the bomb expert has no reason to believe the images are fake.

“The most significant injuries would have resulted from the blast over pressure generated by the detonation,” Woolston said.

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