President Donald Trump’s health care bill that was passed by the House Thursday would strip 7 million veterans of tax credits and put them in the high-risk poolsbecause it classifies post-traumatic stress disorder as a pre-existing condition. Yet, senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is accusing Democrats of not caring about veterans because they didn’t act enough to fix the Veterans Administration.

“Where the hell were those Democrats – excuse me – when veterans were dying waiting for care?” Conway said, dripping with self-righteous indignation. She noted that she didn’t see Democrats on TV when veterans were “dying for care and deserved better.”

Over and over during the 2016 campaign, Trump promised he would improve veterans health care and overhaul the entire VA system. He pledged to hold VA employees accountable and wrote an executive order to the effect that would allow whistleblowers to rat on coworkers.

The Republican’s health bill would essentially shift blame onto the states for deciding whether to kick their citizens off of their health care for pre-existing conditions. High-risk pools have proved to be disastrous in the states that have piloted the programs over the last 30 years.

Watch Conway’s full comments on the topic below:


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