White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has frequently complained about media “sideshows,” while at the same time supporting a president who creates a number of sideshows himself with his inane tweets.

On Sunday, Fox News host Howard Kurtz questioned Conway about the disparity between her complaints and the behavior of the man she consistently defends.

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While Kurtz acknowledged that Conway has made a “fair point” about the media getting distracted and not always focusing on the most important aspect of a story, he also asked her whether President Trump is contributing to these “sideshows.”

Kurtz asked:

‘But doesn’t President Trump drive some of that when he tweets about everything from wiretapping to Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving the apprentice?’

Conway responded by attempting to redirect the subject of the interview to what she calls a “sameness” in the media’s coverage of Trump.

‘Instead of everybody looking out of the same pane of glass all the time, why not turn your head 30 degrees that way? You can still see what everyone else is seeing, but, wow, a whole new world opens up.’

Kurtz responded to Conway by reminding her that “one of those panes of glass is the president’s use of Twitter.”

He then added that Trump’s tweeting, at times, results in stories that take away from more important matters.

Conway dodged the question again and went on to defend the president’s tweeting by repeating an argument that he has made himself: He only tweets the way he does because the press refuses to cover him fairly. Conway also claimed that Trump’s tweeting is a “democratization of information.”

‘This is the way he communicates and connects directly with people, and it’s a democratization of information for him.’

She explained that everybody, from academics in their ivory towers to stay-at-home mothers “can see what he said at the same exact time, for free.”

Seeing that he wasn’t getting anywhere with Conway on the subject of Trump’s Twitter usage, Kurtz went on to question Conway about the president’s wiretapping claims, the newly introduced American Health Care Act, and what many have perceived as Democratic obstruction of Trump’s agenda.

Watch a clip from the interview between Conway and Kurtz in the video below, available via YouTube.


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