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Psychopaths, people who suffer from a mental illness called psychopathy, doctors say, aren’t only killers, like Ted Bundy or the Columbine High School shooters or Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik, but could be colleagues at work, friends, a spouse, and even a president.

A psychopath, according to information commonly available in medical literature and through Internet searches, is characterized as a person who persistently, continually, and enthusiastically acts out antisocially — habitually lying, for example, and showing no sense of empathy and remorse for others who are or who might be hurt by words and actions. A psychopath is boldly egotistical and stirs up disharmony without any sign of caring about what consequences might arise, disregarding truth.

President Donald Trump has been in office three months. Each day that has passed has been filled with White House turmoil, each coming as a result of the man’s behavior.

PBS presented an in-depth biography of Donald Trump that showed a troubled little boy who was so disruptive that by the time he was an adolescent, his father sent him off to a military academy just to get young Donald out of the home. The biography is noteworthy and worthy of viewing by all.

Montanans and all Americans, elected or electors, need stand up and speak up and say what is the truth: Donald Trump has a life history of and apparently continues to suffer from psychopathy. This is not a partisan issue, not an issue for political wrangling, not an issue to be used for meanness or ugliness or bitterness or gain. It is an issue that threatens the safety of our nation.

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