The president is an extremely belligerent man, and he’s proud of it, too. Forever stuck in campaign mode, he held a rally in Arizona this past Tuesday night, and at that rally, he ranted and raved against a whole host of opponents. Those who the president targeted include everyone from Arizona’s GOP Senator John McCain to the media.

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During his Arizona rally speech, Trump “summoned” his Chief of Staff, retired General John Kelly — but as conservative journalist and longtime Trump critic Bill Kristol pointed out on Twitter, Gen. Kelly never showed up on stage alongside Trump.

Late Tuesday night on Twitter, Kristol wrote, quite simply:

‘I notice John Kelly never showed up on stage despite being summoned by Trump.’

I notice John Kelly never showed up on stage despite being summoned by Trump.

Indeed; during his speech to the crowd in Arizona, Trump said:

‘In fact, General Kelly, who was in charge of Homeland Security, where people coming in down 78 and almost 80 percent. He did so good, I made him my chief of staff, right? That made sense. John, where’s John? Where is he? Where’s General Kelly? Get him out here. He’s great. He’s doing a great job.’

To start out with, Trump’s claim that the decreased illegal border crossings rate is the work of his own administration is wrong. The rate of illegal border crossings has been going down since President Obama was in office.

Concurrently, it’s not exactly the whole story that Gen. Kelly, who served as Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security until July of this year, was appointed to be his Chief of Staff because of how good a job he was supposedly doing in his original position.

The appointment of Gen. Kelly was prompted by the abrupt departure of Trump’s first Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, which came as the latest in a long and still not over line of abrupt departures from D.C. In other words, it came from a place of turmoil inside D.C. as much as it came from a place of “getting the job done.”

There have been reports suggesting that Kelly has intended to try to rein in the president’s belligerence, but lo and behold, he has failed, and it’ll be a wonder if he stays on as Trump’s Chief of Staff for very long.

Check out Twitter’s thoughts about Kristol’s tweet below.


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