Trump Wednesday Tweets About How Awesome He Is & The Internet Explodes

Donald Trump is expected to have a full schedule while at the United Nations this week.

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Today, his schedule shows a day full of meetings. He’s supposed to separately meet with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the President of Egypt, the King of Jordan, and the President of the Palestinian Authority. It doesn’t stop there.

With so many leaders to meet and different foreign policy perspectives to navigate, you would assume that most leaders would be studying, reading last-minute briefings prepared by aides to be sure their information was as up-to-date as possible. Not Donald Trump.

Instead, according to the public record, he spent his morning tweeting and retweeting favorable things on Twitter to feed his delusions and overblown ego:

Immediately, replies started rolling in about how pathetic it was to retweet this (not to mention the account he retweeted from is, uh, interesting):

And he didn’t stop there, either:

Twitter users weren’t about to let that slide:

He also ranted about Rand Paul, the Affordable Care Act, and reiterated his support for Luther Strange, who he said has been “very loyal.

This much is clear: Donald Trump does not have the temperament, studiousness, or attention span to fulfill his duties as the President of the United States of America. Sad!

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