Trump Threatens To Take Down Robert Mueller For Investigating Past Business Deals

Trump’s legal team is suggesting they will go after Mueller if he investigates anything they don’t want him to.

Trump Threatens To Take Down Robert Mueller For Investigating Past Business Deals

If special counsel Robert Mueller investigates some of Donald Trump’s past business dealings, the president’s legal team plans to go after Mueller.

According to a report published Saturday by Politico, Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow said that he will challenge Mueller if he looks into any old financial dealings or real estate deals connected to the president.

More from the report:

Trump himself told the New York Times in July that he would consider it “a violation” if Mueller’s investigators looked into his personal finances. And the president’s personal attorney, Jay Sekulow, told POLITICO on Thursday he is primed to lodge formal objections with either Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if the Russia investigation took a wide or unexpected detour into issues like an old Trump real-estate deal.

“We’d view that as outside the scope of legitimate inquiry,” Sekulow said. “We’d raise it.”d consider firing Mueller.

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In the interview, Trump didn’t commit to not firing Mueller, but he did say this: “Well, I hope he’s treating everything fairly, and if he is, I’m gonna be very happy. Because when you talk about innocent, I am truly not involved in any form of collusion with Russia, believe me. That’s the last thing I can think of to be involved in.”

It’s important to note that unfair treatment, according to Trump, is when anybody digs up dirt on him that he doesn’t want the world to know about. In other words, Trump is essentially pledging to boot anybody who decides to run a thorough investigation into his financial dealings and his ties to Russia.

Given how important this investigation is for the future of American democracy, that’s a troubling position for the President of the United to take.

If this White House does decide to challenge Mueller or even force him out, it won’t be because of unfair treatment toward Trump – it’ll be because Mueller is being too thorough.

Not only would that destroy an investigation the American people deserve, but it would lead to a constitutional crisis.

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