For a president so hell-bent on eradicating supposedly fake news, he sure seems to like it when it serves his purposes. This week, he returned to Washington, D.C., after a seventeen day long “working vacation” during which he spent a lot of time at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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Of course, as could be expected, the president pretty much immediately took to resuming his normal tweeting habits upon returning to D.C. It’s not like anyone harbors even the slightest idea that he’s going to give up tweeting anymore.

On Monday morning, the president ranted like a demented schoolyard bully about the “fake news” yet again, saying that the “Fake News” should listen to what an ally of his, Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr., had to say that morning on Fox & Friends

Exposing his utter ineptitude yet again, the president, soon after posting his initial tweet, retweeted a reply in his favor and “thanked” the poster — but the original poster is, by all appearances, a bot.

The reply to his tweet that the president retweeted, adding his own comment to, reads:

‘Every single day the #FakeNews media try to take you down… You never falter, you always stand strong!’

Trump added a comment to this tweet — which was posted by an account with the handle @Aroliso — reading:

‘Thank you, the very dishonest Fake News Media is out of control!’

A quick perusal of the @Aroliso account page shows that it is most likely not even run by a human being. It only has tweets from three days ago, and all of the tweets are similar, vague pro-Trump propaganda.

According to a bit of internet sleuthing done by a reporter at Mashable, until last Friday, the account only had one follower and was used exclusively to retweet messages from an account with the handle @AvoTovA — which, according to reporter Steve Kopack, is the name of the system that the @Aroliso account uses to tweet at the president.

As Kopack explained on Twitter this Monday morning:

‘Account Trump just retweeted seems odd. It’s tweeting repeatedly to the President via something called “Avotova 6,” not web, iPhone, etc.’

“Avotova 6” is, no doubt, the bot program that @Aroliso uses to tweet at the president — meaning that this reply that the president no doubt took to be from a devoted fan of his is from no such person. It’s from a bot.

Trump actually did this same thing recently already, retweeting a message from an account with the handle @proTrump45 with the username “Nicole Mincey.” Mincey is the name of a real person, but she’s not the one who was behind that account, which existed solely — like @Aroliso — for the purposes of pushing pro-Trump propaganda on the internet.

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