It’s “Made In America Week” in Trump World, meaning, of course, that Trump has yet another excuse to tweet. Trump has already been holding an array of events in honor of “Made In America Week.”

On Friday, Trump wrote on Twitter, accompanied by supporting graphics:

‘Manufacturers’ record-high optimism reported in the 1st qtr has carried into the 2nd qtr of 2017.’

The president’s tweet, which you can see below, includes a link to a report from National Association of Manufacturers.

According to the data cited by Trump,:

  • 91.4 percent of manufacturers have a positive economic outlook
  • 80 percent of manufacturers say that President Trump’s massive moves to deregulate the economy are moves in the right direction
  • 57 percent of manufacturers say that President Trump’s deregulation pushes are resulting in expansion, hiring, and investment

Trump has touted “optimism” among American manufacturers in the past, but it’s a hollow marker for the progress of his administration for a number of reasons.

For one, optimism on the part of manufacturing executives is distinct from optimism on the part of American workers. Sure, optimism on the part of the executives whose opinions make up the data points that Trump cite say that they feel as though they will be able to “add more workers” in coming months and years, but what conditions will those workers face in their jobs? What pay level will they face? Will they be allowed to unionize? Will their jobs impact their health — and will they then be left helpless due to Trump Administration fueled lack of healthcare?

There is more to the world than the opinions of the people with a lot of money. “Manufacturing optimism” is still pretty much the only talking point even remotely in his favor that the president has. As for everything from foreign policy to health policy to environmental policy, the Trump Administration has proven to be nothing but a total failure.

Besides all of this, the economic upswing currently in force in the United States got its start under the Obama Administration.

Nevertheless, Trump is still tweeting and holding showy events at the White House anyway.

Check out Twitter’s response to his latest tweet below.

Featured Image via SAUL LOEB/ AFP/Getty Images

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