Early Wednesday, to the surprise of many, President Trump abruptly announced via Twitter that he would be banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. However, the president wasn’t, unsurprisingly, done for the day with his tweeting, and on Wednesday afternoon he posted what can only be described as evidence that he’s truly out of control.

Trump visited Youngstown, Ohio, on Tuesday, and his most recent social media post — which went up on both his Twitter and his Instagram — is a short clip of his remarks from that trip. In his remarks, he shows himself as a classic totalitarian, leaning on the prop of religion to try and gain that much more ground in his followers’ minds.

Check out the video below. It’s captioned “IN AMERICA WE DON’T WORSHIP GOVERNMENT – WE WORSHIP GOD!”


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‘Family and faith, not government and bureaucracy, are the foundation of our society. You’ve heard me say it before on the campaign trail, and I’ll say it again. In America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.’

There are at least a few things wrong with this. One, Trump and his allies use this line of reasoning to convince their followers that it is somehow proper for government services, even those that support people’s very lives, to be slashed left and right in the name of “saving money.”

Secondly, as mentioned, for Trump to claim that what he is doing policy-wise in his time in office is the “will of God” is incredibly dangerous. It is a strategy used by a number of totalitarian leaders throughout history for them to escape responsibility for their actions in the minds of their most fervent followers.

Finally, the Constitution itself enshrines the principle of freedom of religion. Americans are not in any way obligated to accept the idea of “God” just because of where they live. This concept is key to making America what it is. People who live here are supposed to be free.

Check out Twitter’s thoughts on this below.

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