Donald Trump should be used to empty seats at his events, which indicate how disliked he truly is. After all, his inauguration had among the lowest attendance in recent years, a fact that led the whole Trump administration to start their tenure in office with lies and creative ways to brand their lies.

So, after realizing that his presence at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner wouldn’t be missed and was actually a bit celebrated, Trump decided to feed his ego by having a campaign-style rally on his own behalf in Harrisburg, PA. In true Trump fashion, Trump chose his favorite topic to headline his speech – the media.

However, it’s not the rally itself or what Trump chose to speak on that once again has people shaking their heads. It’s Trump’s perception of how many people were there to see him. Trump claimed that he had record-breaking attendance and that there were people waiting outside to get in.

However, what Trump again failed to realize is that in this day of technology and live streaming, it was all too easy to instantly confirm whether or not he was telling the truth. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t. A simple tweet proved that Trump has once more allowed his ego to prevent him from being honest or silent:

Trump says “we have a lot of ppl standing outside” and he “broke the all time record” in this arena. There are rows of empty seats here

While the empty seats are at the top of the venue, they’re empty, which begs the questions:  Why were people standing outside? Why couldn’t they come sit in the vacant seats? Perhaps Trump’s people kept the crowd outside to give the appearance of an in-demand event that people were literally waiting outside to attend.

Regardless, Twitter went bonkers at the news that Trump has once again lied to stroke his ego:

@JonathanTamari does anyone remember just one time he ever told the truth?

@JonathanTamari I went to Hershey Bears games when I was in law school that were more packed.

@JonathanTamari @DannyZuker it’s like he doesn’t know how to tell the truth. or just doesn’t want to

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