Trump Makes Wednesday Mueller Meeting Announcement – White House In Total Shock

Donald Trump thinks that he is his own best spokesman, and he is not easily dissuaded. This time, though, he may be getting himself into trouble so deep, he cannot climb out.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of tough attorneys want to have a sit-down with the president. Mueller has been investigating Russian interference into the 2016 presidential elections and possible connections between the Trump campaign.

CNN source familiar with Trump’s thinking said that the president believes he is completely innocent, so why would he not testify? Plus, 45 has been through any number of lawsuits with his real estate business and has a long history of testifying under oath. The person said:

‘He thinks he can work this. He doesn’t realize how high the stakes are. You can’t get up and walk away. It’s not that easy. He’s basically saying that I’m wide open as a book. I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I’m willing to say so under oath.’

Former White House communications director for less than a month, Anthony Scaramucci, said his former boss wants to testify. He told CNN’s Jake Tapper:

‘So again, I still think that that is on the table.’

White House counsel Ty Cobb and many of his friends have urged him to avoid the meeting. People such as Governor Chris Christie and Wikileaks contact, Roger Stone, told Trump that the interview could well be a “perjury trap.” These same people also worry that 45 will open up a new line of inquiry with the special counsel.

They are wary of the man in the Oval Office’s tendency to talk nonstop and exaggerate.

At the same time, the president’s attorneys have been negotiating with Mueller’s team on the specifics of a potential interview, should that occur. Some of the places where they feel they have some wiggle room are with the length of the interview, possible written questions and responses, and the scope of the questioning.

Mueller has not formally asked for a meeting with 45. It will probably not occur for several weeks, a CNN source said.

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