One of President Trump’s senior administration officials had only been on the job for about a month when it was found out what he had secretly been doing to the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, who spends a considerable amount of time working alongside her father. The second Trump found out what this pervert had been doing behind his back, he sent armed guards to remove him from the building, delivering a clear message that nobody messes with him or his family.

Craig Deare was recently appointed to head the National Security Council in the Western Hemisphere but is now rightfully out of a job. Rather than honoring this prestigious cabinet position, he decided to take the advantages he was granted and use it for something else, which backfired on him in spectacular fashion.

Trump Just Sent Armed Guards To Remove SICK Senior WH Official After What He Did To Ivanka
Craig Deare

According to the Daily Mail, Deare had begun running his mouth to others in his office after becoming upset that he had been left out of Trump’s inner circle, and excluded from discussions with Steve Bannon (Chief Strategist) and Jared Kushner (Ivanka’s husband) regarding Mexico and the border wall. He reportedly didn’t think anyone took him seriously and with what he began talking about next, it’s clear as to why nobody would. Dropping all professional decorum, he set politics aside to engage in lustful talk about the president’s daughter and Kushner’s wife who had left him out of the meetings.

Deare apparently couldn’t control his feelings for Ivanka, making others who work around him uncomfortable with his comments about how attractive she is and other reportedly “awkward” and inappropriate remarks. Trump caught wind of the locker room talk and took care of it immediately. Deare was removed from the Executive Office Building in Washington where he works and not given a second chance to come back.

Trump Just Sent Armed Guards To Remove SICK Senior WH Official After What He Did To Ivanka

Not only does this show that Trump isn’t the perverse misogynist that the left claims he is, but it also shows that class, loyalty, and respect are expectations in a political town that hasn’t seen such a thing in at least eight years. Those who can’t act in an honorable way will be tossed out with the trash, no questions asked.


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