It has only been a few days since Donald Trump’s first 100 days mark,and his campaign team has already released the groundwork for the billionaire’s re-election. Although his clueless team thinks they knocked it out of the park, Trump was forced to pull his first ad because it violated a ban on active duty military members participating in political advocacy while wearing their uniform.

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As reported by Washington Post, an active duty member is banned from engaging in political advocacy while wearing their uniform. The report says:

“The initial version of the ad released by the campaign included a shot of Trump shaking hands at his Mar-a-Lago estate with H.R. McMaster, his national security adviser. An updated version dropped the shot of McMaster, who remains an active duty member of the Army, and replaced it with Trump visiting a business.”

I think its safe to say that anything Donald Trump does is a failure and results in serious consequences. The Trump administration pays absolutely no attention detail and risk factors. Their main concern is “how do we make Trump look like a decent human being.”

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