Trump Humiliated After Melania Leaves Him Standing Alone, As Cameras Roll (VIDEO)

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After Donald Trump’s Stormy Daniels scandal blew up a few weeks ago, First Lady Melania has been hiding and stay as far away from her husband as possible. And who could blame her? Trump has humiliated her once again as hush money about his affair with the adult film star came to light, which happened only a year after the President and First Lady had gotten married, and scant months after the birth of their son.

Melania has been quietly lashing out since. She recently canceled her trip to Switzerland, where she was supposed to support her husband at the World Economic Forum. She also arrived separately to his State of the Union address — wearing a white pantsuit reminiscent of what Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, wore. And let’s not forget that Melania refused to stand when Trump mentioned the importance of family values during his address. But what she did last night topped it all.

After the Trumps arrived in Florida at Palm Beach International Airport, they were headed to their Mar-a-Lago resort. As soon as Trump and Melania stepped off the plane with their son Barron, it was clear that something was wrong. As Trump stopped on the tarmac to wave at the cameras, Melania looked cold as ice as she stormed right past her husband! She didn’t acknowledge his presence at all — not even when he turned to face her — as she walked straight to the motorcade.

You can watch Melania strike back at Trump below:

Although she refused to acknowledge the media, Melania was probably secretly thrilled that this was caught on camera. Trump has finally gotten a taste of his own medicine, for all the times he embarrassed her, ditched her, or walked far ahead of her at events. Hopefully, he feels just as humiliated as she did as the world watches. There have been rumors floating around that the Trumps’ marriage is falling apart, and Melania may have just confirmed it.

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