Trump Goes On Another Twitter Mental Breakdown ; Attacks Broadway Play And Actually Admits He’s Not Presidential

President Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to bash sworn enemy Michael Moore. By his own admission, Trump was “not at all presidential” in attacking the filmmaker over the ending of his Broadway run.

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Moore has had a show running on Broadway called “The Terms of My Surrender”. The production was mainly aimed at Trump and left Trump in a triumphant mood when it ended. Taking to Twitter, the president said “While not at all presidential I must point out that the sloppy Michael Moore show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!”

The liberal filmmaker has been one of Trump’s more vocal opponents and is a regularly featured guest on shows that are anti-Trump. While it is unclear as to the circumstances surrounding the ending of Moore’s production, Trump has decided that it is due to the quality of the show. This is unsurprising as Trump has notoriously thin skin and has taken to Twitter many times over the years in public spats with celebrities (usually liberal ones) that rally against him. It is also fairly common to insist (often without proof) that one of his opponents’ projects had failed.

In his early days as president, it was regularly reported from anonymous sources that his use of Twitter was an issue for White House staff. This appears to have been to have been totally ignored in favor of Trump continuing to use the service in any way he pleases from his own personal account. He’s often used his own personal account to debase political rivals including Kim Jong-Un and it seems that he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Twitter trolled Trump over his remarks:

At least you know you don’t deserve the office

Is there really any point at all for this tweet? For god’s sake Robert Mueller is coming for someone in relation to trump Russia tomorrow and you’re tweeting about Michael Moore?

Many will be happy that at least Trump noted that he wasn’t being presidential. On many occasions in the past, it appears to have completely passed him by that he was being unpresidential so some may see an improvement.

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