Are you okay there, Mr. President? Trump literally lost it on Twitter early this Saturday evening, shouting his campaign slogan at anyone who would listen.

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This message is, as mentioned, his campaign slogan. It comes after Trump posted messages on Twitter this Saturday both blaming the Obama Administration for the Russian election interference because they allegedly didn’t do enough to stop it and trying to shame dissenting Republican Senators into supporting his administration’s healthcare bill.

The White House has long established the fact that Trump’s tweets are a 21st Century incarnation of official presidential statements, which, of course, only adds to the bizarre nature of the president firing off random messages like this.

The hatred and division that the president has worked to cultivate across America certainly isn’t making the country “great again,” and that’s not even counting the literal deaths that he may find himself responsible for should his healthcare bill pass.

Additionally, as has long been established, the boundaries of the planet don’t end at the United States borders, and it’s just plain stupid for Trump to disregard the rest of the world as he has done under the banner of making America “great again.”

Twitter, of course, had a lot to say about Trump’s latest outburst. Check it out below.

@realDonaldTrump If you want to Make America Great Again, you should stop making Trump merchandise in China

@realDonaldTrump If you want to Make America Great Again, you should impose tougher sanctions on Russia for interfering in the 2016 election

@realDonaldTrump Less than six months ago we had a compassionate and intelligent man in office who cared about ALL Americans and didn’t misspell on Twitter.

@realDonaldTrump Now we have a man who only cares about doing rallies and playing golf. I miss Obama. We all do.


@realDonaldTrump Seriously, are u unemployed? Is there nothing for u to do other than watch TV and tweet?

@realDonaldTrump You are denser than Sherwood Forest and thicker than a chocolate omelette!

@realDonaldTrump And I live next to Sherwood Forest, and trust me it is dense!

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