Trump Flies Into Unhinged Wednesday AM Puerto Rico Rant Like An Ungrateful POS

It’s no surprise that Donald Trump hates the news media. Trump prefers sycophants in his administration, people who will tell him how wonderful he is even though he is incompetent, boorish, and offensive. Unfortunately for Trump, he doesn’t get his choice in appointing the journalists who cover his presidency.

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Trump made a big show filled with missteps and embarrassing gaffes during his visit to Puerto Rico following the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, where he praised the elected leaders for “only 16 deaths” unlike a “real catastrophe” like Katrina. Almost immediately after Trump’s departure, that death count was discovered to be double the original count.

Trump doesn’t get to spin that number. There is no way to make it look better than when 34 or possibly more people died under President Obama’s watch. He doesn’t get to blame Hillary Clinton for the slow and painful response to the Puerto Rican people’s tragedy.

That is something he just does not know how to deal with.

Twitter was quick to respond to Trump’s childish rant.


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