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Right around the time when her “alternative fact” backlash reached an all-time high, Kellyanne Conway was pretty much banned from all respectable cable news channels and disappeared from the limelight for quite a while. No one wanted to waste their time interviewing her, because it was clear that Conway was just like Trump – a pathological liar. That time away from the spotlight was extremely damaging to Conway, and what happened on Memorial Day showed just how far removed she is from the Trump administration now.

Like Trump, Conway’s popularity is dwindling at record speeds. Earlier today, Conway received a harsh reality check when she found herself locked out of Trump’s Memorial Day motorcade! PoliticusUSA reported that according to the White House Press pool:

“Kellyanne Conway was also seen entering the motorcade from a distance. (She was initially locked out. A secret service agent had to pull on the door handle three times, then knocked on the door before someone unlocked it.)”

This is extremely humiliating to Conway, because let’s not forget how many times she’s bragged about how much of a preferred advisor she was to Trump, and how close she was with the POTUS. She previously bragged:

“When I want to talk to him, I go talk to him,” she said, emphasizing that she has “walk-in privileges,” meaning she can waltz into the Oval Office unannounced. “Eighty-five percent of what I discuss with him will never be revealed. It’s like any other boss–C-suite-employee relationship. I don’t need to talk to him through the TV. I just go in and talk to him.”

Conway has painted herself as Trump’s closest advisor, but it’s obvious that this has changed drastically. Conway was not only locked out of the motorcade, but no one even seemed to notice her absence! This was a Trump staffer who once wanted to replace Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff, and now she can’t even get into Trump’s motorcade!

This is a harsh reminder to Conway that she no longer has the standing with Trump that she once did. She’s pretty much disappeared from the public eye, and nobody even notices.

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