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It is a pretty well-known fact that Donald Trump, not only has zero respect for women, but he is admittedly guilty of multiple instances of sexual assault. So, this may come as no surprise when you hear about something that allegedly happened in 1997 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

During a Mother’s Day brunch at the golf resort, Cathy Heller was celebrating with her husband and children when Donald Trump seized an opportunity to try and force a kiss on the unsuspecting woman.

The clincher comes when Heller says Trump became extremely agitated at her refusal to accept his show of dominance.

According to The Guardian:

“When he stopped at their table, Heller recalled, and her mother-in-law introduced her, she stood and extended her hand.”

“‘He took my hand, and grabbed me, and went for the lips,’ she claimed.”

“Alarmed, she said she leaned backwards to avoid him and almost lost her balance. ‘And he said, ‘Oh, come on.’ He was strong. And he grabbed me and went for my mouth and went for my lips.’ She turned her head, she claims, and Trump planted a kiss on the side of her mouth. ‘He kept me there for a little too long,” Heller said. ‘And then he just walked away.’”

“’I was angry and shaken,’ she continued. ‘He was pissed. He couldn’t believe a woman would pass up the opportunity.’ She added that he seemed to feel ‘entitled’ to kiss her.”

Multiple women have come out with similar stories of the president trying to force himself upon them sexually, and even Trump himself was caught on audio admitting to grab women’s genitals as a way of flirting, then boasting about how being a celebrity means you can literally assault women sexually.

Their really isn’t much that Trump won’t do to fulfill his desperate need to be the emperor on his throne. That includes barbaric acts in which he asserts his male privileged dominance over the women unfortunate enough to work for him, sit next to him on a plane, bump into him at a pageant or in a boardroom.

And we knew about all of this before election day.

Well done, America.

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