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His smile was wide and inviting.

“He was just a happy go lucky kid,” said Dylan Nicholson’s father Jason, remembering his son as his friend as well.

“Man, it’s tough cause he was my best buddy. He really was,” he said.

He lost his son in the early morning hours of April 18th.

The night before, he says, Dylan went to the Warehouse bar on Brookside, leaving around closing time with a friend who would drop him off at the QT at Admiral and Memorial, where…

“They said Dylan walked outside and then he got into a fight,” he said.

What happened next is unknown, but around 3:30 in the morning his body was found on Highway 11 barely clinging to life.

“We’ve had a few leads that we’re following up on,” said Sgt. Bryan Bryden of the Tulsa police department.

One possibility, that Dylan fled the fight and was struck in a separate hit and run.

“Chevy venture van or an Oldsmobile silhouette or a Pontiac Montana or transport that’s possible missing the right passenger side mirror,” said Sgt. Bryden.

But his father thinks there was more to that fight at the QT.

“I think those guys chased him down, I think they’re like, ‘Hey we’re not through beating this guy up, let’s go catch him,'” he said.

Dylan, he says, was found with just one dollar in his wallet but left the house with several hundred.

“He had three or four hundred dollars on him when he left, he head a $17 dollar bar tab at Warehouse, maybe $25, if he paid cash for something, where’s the rest of his money?” he asks.

He thinks his son was robbed and his body dumped on highway 11, and that the police are simply looking to wrap things up.

“They don’t care. It’s easier for them to say he he died from a hit and run that’s what that is a hit and run accident,” he said.

We’ve spoken with the family at length about their issues and concerns, and we share those, we want to find out what happened, that’s our ultimate goal is we want to find out what happened,” said Sgt. Bryden.

Dylan’s father has hired an attorney and a private investigator. And the medical examiner’s report has yet to be finished. It’s been three weeks since his death, and his father has an equal measure of questions and determination to find answers.

“I’ll go forward with a purpose. I’m gonna find out what happened,” he said.

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