The Trump family has little apparent regard for the democratically defined sanctity of the institutions of American government. In short, Donald has treated his entry into the White House as little more than the newest effort to get his last name in big gold letters on some building someplace.

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He quickly established himself once taking office as on pace to cost the government more from his travel in the first single year of his presidency than President Obama cost the government in his entire eight years in office. He has spent a significant chunk of his presidency at various properties of his around the country, and he has shown no indication that he’s going to change his travel habits anytime soon.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, the addiction to exorbitant travels runs in the Trump family.

The president’s rarely seen daughter Tiffany took a trip to Italy this July with her mother, Marla Maples, and the Daily Mail alleges that “official government records show three payments were made by the State Department to a car rental agency in Rome on July 18 totaling $117,489.44.” These payments, for the cars that transported not just Tiffany and her mother but also the large group of Secret Service agents that escorted them on their travels, were made in three separate parts, totaling $54,694.84, $39,188.64 and $23,605.96, respectively.

Tiffany and her mother were in Europe to visit their friend Chahrazad Rizk, who is the founder of TEC Interior Design.

The Trump family’s travels are, quite simply, out of control, according to the standards of American federal government. Unless Congress intervenes, around a third of the Secret Service’s workforce will suddenly find themselves working for no pay at the end of September, since thanks to the president and his family’s incessant hopscotching around all over the place, they will have reached their federally mandated spending caps at that time.

It’s worth noting that some of Trump’s travels have been to campaign rallies he has held since taking office, such as the one that he’s holding this Tuesday in Arizona.

That’s right; even though Donald Trump took office months and months ago, and even though there are still years to go until the next election, he’s still campaigning anyway — and he’s bankrupting the government in the process.

The Daily Mail notes that the charges that Tiffany Trump and her mother incurred to the government quite literally pale in comparison to the almost $2 million — $1,956,949.73 to be exact — that the president and first lady cost the government when they spent around 48 hours in the Vatican City earlier this year. Those payments were made to the same car rental agency.

Tiffany Trump has stayed out of the spotlight since her father ascended to stardom. She’s set to begin studies at Georgetown University’s law school in September.

Check out an Instagram post from Marla Maples documenting her and her daughter’s visit to Rome below.

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