The ‘Late Show’ host spoofed the popular (creepy) animated video with the president sporting a pair of “Make America Great Again” briefs and a Putin lower back tattoo.

On Friday’s episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert talked briefly about the animated “Hi Stranger” video that had gone viral that week.

The original video features a nude, luxuriating stop-motion animated figure who speaks softly and shows off his posterior. “Some people have said its the most disturbing cartoon they’ve ever seen,” Colbert said. “Well, we here at The Late Show took that as a challenge.”

Colbert then showed off his version of the video which featured a cartoon depiction of President Donald Trump, sporting nothing but red briefs with his slogan “Make America Great Again” emblazoned across the cheeks and a Putin tattoo on his lower back, as he welcomed strangers and showed off his new “healthcare bill.”

“I just want to sit here and relax with you, maybe take a shower, you know what I mean,” the cartoon Trump said as the camera pulled out to reveal a cartoon Melania Trump watching the video on her cell phone with a look of disgust on her face.

“Will you be visiting the White House?” a secret service official asked the First Lady. “Not anymore,” Melania replied quickly.

Watch the video below.

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