Sean Spicer is used to trying (and failing) to clean up Trump’s messes when he goes on an early morning Twitter tirade with no actual facts to back up his words. Many times, the information tweeted out by the president of the United States is less than factual, and it’s the job of the White House Press secretary to deliver any and all messages to the media.

Today, the president tweeted out incorrect facts about the release of prisoners from Gitmo, blaming the decision on President Obama.

122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!

Trump was, of course, dead wrong about the information he gave out. Turns out, 113 of the 122 former detainees President Trump is talking about, were released under President Bush’s second term.

Naturally, Sean Spicer jumped to Trump’s defense by making up an insane word salad he hoped would confuse people into turning their attention elsewhere. Spicer said:

“Obviously the president meant in totality, the number that had been released on the battlefield — that have been released from Gitmo since individuals have been released, that is correct.”

Video courtesy of The Hill:

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