Saturday Night Live is at it again and after a week of controversy surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions lying under oath, it was his turn in the hot seat.

In a brilliant skit on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon played Jeff Sessions in a parody of the movie Forrest Gump. The skit comes after seven days of news stories centered around U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session and his contact with Russian officials. Sessions lied under oath about the meeting, but later says he just worded his response poorly.

While sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus, Sessions can be seen chatting with various characters. One of those characters is played by cast member Leslie Jones.

Sessions turns to Jones’ character and says:

‘Life is like a box of chocolates, sure are a lot of brown ones in there.’

Sessions is known for being a racist and McKinnon’s delivery is spot-on. The entire skit is absolutely hilarious and the now famous photo of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, with her legs tucked under her pictured in the Oval Office, makes an appearance as well. Sessions exclaimed:

‘You ain’t got no legs, Kellyanne.’



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