Haleigh Maynard, 24, allegedly killed her client while working as a prostitute in 2015, stabbing him 50 times in the head and neck 

  • Haleigh Maynard was charged with open murder in Gary Schneider’s death
  • Police said she killed him during a dominant-submissive sexual encounter
  • They first met when Maynard was working on the street, charged him $35 
  • Maynard told police the spankings brought flashbacks to child abuse on the night of Schneider’s death
  • Said she ‘blacked out’ and began to stab him and when she realized what she was doing ‘felt it was too late to stop’  

A Michigan prostitute who allegedly killed her 70-year-old client by stabbing him 50 times in the head and neck has been deemed competent to stand trial.

Haleigh Maynard, 24, has been charged with open murder in the death of Gary Schneider during a dominant-submissive sexual encounter in March 2015.

Maynard told police that she began prostituting to support her cocaine habit and had met Schneider while looking for business on the street. They later reconnected on Backpage.com.

The two built up a routine in the year and a half that they knew each other before Schneider’s murder, according to police.

Maynard charged Schneider $35, five dollars less then her going rate, per session.

Every time they met Maynard wound undress and immediately stand on the scale to see if she had gained weight.

Schneider would then spank her 10 times for every pound she gained since their last meeting, Tpsilani Police Detective Robert Peto testified during her preliminary examination.

On the day Schneider was killed, Maynard had gained 10 pounds.

Peto said Maynard have revealed during her interview that she had used cocaine that day, and that the pair had smoked marijuana and were drinking alcohol, according to Michigan Live.

Maynard asked for a break after Schneider spanked her, first with a belt and then with a stick, about 20 to 25 times.

She told police that the spankings had began to bring on ‘flashbacks’ of past abuse she had suffered as a child and that she began to get ‘angry with the situation’.

Maynard said she then went into the kitchen to grab a drink, but Schneider followed her and began to playfully ‘swat’ her.

‘Ms Maynard stated that she told him not to, and that she was getting angry,’ Peto said on the stand.

‘Mr Schneider was kind of playfully laughing while he was doing it and he asked her, “Oh, is this making you angry?” – kind of taunting her.’

Maynard told Peto she blacked out and began attacking Schneider with a knife, first stabbing him when his back was turned.

She said he seemed ‘shocked’ and ‘called her a b****’, according to Peto.

Maynard told police she and Gary Schneider, 70, had built up a routine in the year and a half that they knew each other before his murder

Maynard would stand on a scale and then Schneider would then spank her 10 times for every pound she gained since their last meeting

When she realized what she was actually doing, Maynard told police she ‘felt it was too late to stop’.

Schneider was found with 50 stab stab wounds, 48 of which were to his head and neck.

Authorities said Maynard, who claims to have a history of fits of anger and blackouts, then took Schneider’s wallet but dropped it on the ground as she fled his Ypsilanti home.

It was Schneider’s neighbor Barb Basset who found his wallet while walking her dog. She tried to return it, but he never came to the door.

Basset said she then went to his next door neighbor and asked if they would call Schneider.

The neighbors called the police when they realized his house was open, according to Fox 2 Detroit. Schneider was found dead on March 26, 2015.

It took months before Maynard was arrested for Schneider’s murder. Police found her fingerprints all over his house and her footprints in his blood.

She was charged in August 2015 and is being held at Washtenaw County Jail without bond.

Maynard was once again found competent to stand trial after her attorney asked for a new competency evaluation in April. Herr trial will begin in October.

She faces life in prison if convicted.

Maynard told police that on the day of Schneider's murder, the spankings gave her flashbacks to abuse she suffered as a child. Schneider was found dead at his Ypsilanti home (pictured) on March 26, 2015
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