Saturday Night Live has seen a dramatic ratings increase since the show started spoofing the Trump administration. Those ratings aren’t in vain, either; Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump as unstable, immature, temperamental, dogmatic, misinformed, and generally incompetent are in line with how the majority of Americans feel about Trump.

Saturday Night Live may need to scoot over to make room for another veteran hit that has stepped into the world of making fun of Donald Trump. The Simpsons did a hilarious parody of Trump and it’s sure to make him angry.

The portion of the show that takes jabs at Trump only lasts about two minutes, but it’s likely the funniest two minutes of the sitcom. It opens with Homer and Marge watching television. Innocent enough, right? Wrong; it quickly goes past the point of no return from there.

First, Sean Spicer is found by Kellyanne Conway having hung himself. Instead of helping him, she runs away and says, “I am not replacing him.” The camera quickly flashes to Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon choking one another and Kushner yelling at Bannon not to wrinkle his (Kushner’s) suit.

It gets better. Viewers then find Donald Trump in bed on his mobile device (presumably on Twitter) reflecting on his first 100 days in office. However, since Trump has done nothing worth talking about, he is rambling on about things that don’t matter, like golf:

 ‘One hundred days in office, so many accomplishments, what with my golf handicap, my Twitter following increased by 700, and finally, we can shoot hibernating bears. My boys will love that.’

Meanwhile, Trump’s hair piece is doing some funky stuff; it turns around on its own and morphs into a dog.

Next, Trumps favorite daughter, Ivanka enters and is celebrating her new role as Supreme Court Justice. She is somehow taking seasoned and well-respected Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat, but not before Ivanka models her robe and earrings, both of which can be purchased as part of her line.

If all of the above doesn’t already have you doubled over with laughter, there is more. After a fun few seconds poking fun at the Trump administration, the scene goes back to Homer and Marge. They’ve watched the Trump tragedy on television and Marge can’t handle it; she takes her final Prozac – from a bottle of pills that was supposed to last her four years.

Putting everything into perspective and reminding viewers that this catastrophe of an administration is just getting started, the narrator says:

 ‘100 days. We are 6.8 percent of the way home. Paid for by anybody else 2020.’

This isn’t the first time The Simpsons has made fun of Donald Trump. During Election 2016, the show showed Homer and Marge undecided about who they were voting for. That episode also didn’t present Trump in a positive light.

Sometimes art really does imitate life. The full clip from The Simpsons spoof of Trump’s first 100 days is below:


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