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Fake news, fake media,” and like cries have become the cornerstone of the Trump administration and their followers. Built on the premise that because networks like CNN don’t report favorably about Trump, their information lacks credibility, Trump has amassed a cult-like following where his very public, bitter, undiplomatic, and childish war with the press is concerned.

Especially as stories relate to Trump’s and his allies’ ties to Russia, Donald Trump would much rather petulantly scream “fake news,” than produce evidence that proves his allegations to be true. For their part, however, various media outlets have run story after story that legitimately connects multiple people in Trump’s inner circle to several members of the Russian government.

To date, the only so-called win the Trump administration is able to claim is that a few CNN employees made some poor choices with one Russia story, a retraction was printed, and those staffers ultimately resigned. As much as the Trump administration has tried to blow this isolated incident out of proportion, CNN is not backing down and data shows their supporters trust CNN more than Trump.

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That’s not all, either. On Wednesday, Claude Taylor, alum of many White House administrations tweeted a thread that confirms CNN’s reporting about Trump/Russia is far from “fake.” Taylor posted:

I have a series of quotes from Senior CNN Executives candidly describing their Network, relationship with WH and what they know..follows

Senior CNN Executive: “We have seen and have copies of transcripts of calls between Kushner, Bannon and high level Russian officials”. 1/2

“At the least, those two committed treason, and it’s hard to believe Trump wasn’t part of it”. 2/2

Able to connect the dots between the probable real reason for the Trump administration’s attacks on CNN, other Twitter users sounded off in response to Taylor’s tweet:

@TrueFactsStated So this is why Trump has been calling CNN fake news!

@TrueFactsStated No WONDER Trump and his Alt-Rt trolls have been riding @CNN so hard lately…

I hope they soon drop the mic on 

@TrueFactsStated So this is why Trump has been furiously laying the groundwork against CNN. Hoping “his base” will reject what’s coming.

@DannyBoy1631 @lhdimeo @TrueFactsStated @CNN When was that recording of Ban Jones taken? If it were a few months back, that would explain it.

One person asked a very valid question about the release of the aforementioned information:

Another user gave an answer that may shed some light as to why such damning information hasn’t been released:

If there is any truth to the theory that Special Counsel Mueller’s ongoing investigation has anything to do with why CNN hasn’t released the information they have, then one would have to assume that Mueller’s findings would almost certain include CNN’s research. One can only hope that the addition of that information to Mueller’s investigation would mean Trump and/or guilty parties connected to him will be brought to justice.

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