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Oscar-nominated actor Salma Hayek does not like Donald Trump. He did not win any favors with her, when he called people of Mexican descent “rapists.” His wall between the US and Mexico did not endear him to her either, but her underlying reason for disliking him was personal. He was the king of sleaze.

On The Daily Show, Hayek told host Trevor Noah the whole story about her interactions with the president-to-be. She and her then-boyfriend were attending an event, as was Donald Trump. She felt cold, so 45 gave her his jacket.

Hayek thought that Trump was a gentleman. She especially liked that he “befriended” her boyfriend, according to Comedy Central:

‘[He was] so charming, so nice, super nice. He kept talking to my boyfriend, and then he befriended my boyfriend, invited him to dinner. And then he was like, “If you guys are in New York, you can come to Atlantic City, you can stay in my hotel. Give me your numbers.”‘

Then, according to the Daily Show, the actor said it got really weird:

‘[He] never talked to my boyfriend again. Now, he’s calling, he’s inviting me out.’

Trump was 20 years her senior and very married. Hayek reminded him of her boyfriend, but the guy would not give up. Instead, the billionaire was trying to get her to cheat on her boyfriend and go out with him. She told the Daily Show’s host the future president tore down her boyfriend:

‘He’s not good enough for you. Not important, he’s not big enough for you. You have to go out with me.’

When she refused is advances, Trump allegedly planted an unflattering fake news story in the National Enquirer. The article falsely reported that her boyfriend commented that she was “too short” to date.

After creating a false scenario, 45 had the nerve to call her up again, pretending to be outraged. Hayek told the Daily Show, he told her:

‘I don’t want people to think this about you.’

Ironically, Trump was putting the moves on the actor all the while he was deep in scandal. A woman was suing him, claiming that he raped her in 1994, when she was only 13-years-old.

According to Esquire, during a press call for Hillary Clinton last October Hayek said:

‘He calls us [Mexicans] rapists, but who has a lawsuit [against him] for raping a young girl?’

The wronged woman dropped the lawsuit, due to death threats she received, and four days later Trump won the presidential election.

Hayek first told her story in October 2016 on a Spanish radio show. She said that he knew she was seeing someone else. Finally, she had to tell him that even if he was single, she would not be interested.

Living well is the best revenge. Hayek eventually married a man so fabulously wealthy, Francois Pinault, that he makes the Donald look like a pauper.

Check out this video of Salma Hayek:

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