Republicans Are Warming Up To The Idea Of Impeaching Trump; Realizing Trump is Mentally Unstable

The Democrats have largely powered the push to impeach Trump. However, it has recently received a boost, with a Democrat claiming that a Republican could galvanize an article of impeachment even further.

Democrats Al Green of Texas and Brad Sherman of California have already filed articles of impeachment for President Trump. Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen is also a fellow Democrat that has shown support for impeachment. However, he mentioned that when he officially comes forward to support it, he would have followers to drive the article to the House.

Cohen wants to impeach President Trump after his controversial comments following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. President Trump seems to have given a pass to these white supremacists, and not have actively condemned them. This was a catalyst for Cohen, with the Democrat saying that he is looking between seven and ten cosponsors. He suggested that one of these cosponsors is an actual Republican.

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In an interview with MSNBC, Cohen noted that he has “one Republican who has said he is looking at it, he’s considering it.” He also noted that he has other Republicans that are seeking to support the articles, with some telling Cohen that the president “is not balanced, he is not capable of continuing to lead us.”

Republicans Are Turning on Trump

Political stances are more than just politics – they’re governed by how people think and reason with authority, with people who are on the right side of the political aisle tending to be suspicious and being friendly with authoritarianism to protect self-interests. So seeing a Republican step away from that mantra is strange, albeit refreshing for some.

One of the more outspoken Republican critics of President Trump is Senator Bob Corker, accusing the president of putting the United States “on the path to World War III.” He also maintains that the White House has become an “adult day care center.” It’s also interesting to note that Corker only publicly denounced President Trump after he stated that he would not be running for reelection later next year.

Corker spotlighted a reality for many Republicans who are working closely with President Trump – many may secretly harbor resentment towards Trump and may even wish for him to be removed, but it would be political suicide for them to come public with their criticism.

Hats off to the few that have stuck out their necks for the American people

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