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The report comes from Louise Mensch and former Clinton White House official Claude Taylor. They claim that they have two independent sources confirming the indictment. In their blog, Patribotics, they said:

Separate sources with links to the intelligence and justice communities have stated that a sealed indictment has been granted against Donald Trump.

They also noted that Trump cannot be prosecuted, at least until he’s impeached, but this is a sign that the impeachment could be on its way.

While it is understood that the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution means that, until Mr. Trump is impeached, he cannot be prosecuted, sources say that the indictment is intended by the FBI and prosecutors in the Justice Department to form the basis of Mr. Trump’s impeachment. The indictment is, perhaps uniquely, not intended or expected to be used for prosecution, sources say, because of the constitutional position of the President.

The right would say that Mensch and Taylor are a bit more like Alex Jones than Woodward and Bernstein.

Mensch is known as something of a polemicist — some dismiss her as a crackpot conspiracy theorist — and yet, as GOP strategist and fellow Trump critic Rick Wilson pointed out on Twitter, she has been right on target with certain key findings in the secretive murk around Trump and investigations into his connections to Russia’s mafia underworld.

Source: Raw Story

Mensch has also been very wrong at times:

One of the most popular online conspiracists among Democrats is now the former Tory member of the UK Parliament and current Murdoch-rag-writer Louise Mensch, whose history of public humiliations and pure bigotry is far too long to chronicle.

But because she has now turned her deranged behavior to peddling any and all conspiracies about Trump and Russia, she has built a huge Twitter following among Democrats convinced that all of their critics are Kremlin spies and anyone who dies was murdered by the Putin/Trump axis to protect their conspiratorial cover-up.

Source: The Intercept

The indictment, according to Taylor, came from the Eastern District of Virginia. Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn also have standing indictments against them.

Sealed indictments out of Eastern District of Virginia-under Dana Boente. Trump, Manafort and Flynn-among others under sealed indictment.

While Trump can’t be prosecuted right now, Manafort and Flynn certainly can be. Of course, the best way to get to Trump is to go after all of the supporting characters in the Russian drama. It generally doesn’t take much to get pampered white guys to talk.

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