Donald Trump wandered off from the podium after speaking in Warsaw, seemingly aimless and unsure what do, he stands awkwardly in front of the crowd, looking behind him for a clue from the Secret Service.

Why the president wandered beyond the bullet proof barrier is a mystery, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating that the leader of the free world might not be in control of all his mental faculties. Here are just a few Twitter responses to the president’s bizarre behavior:

Dragging his feet and looking very confused. POTUS brain is deteriorating rapidly

Hmmm… let me stand here outside of the protection of my bulletproof screen.

Omg do you see, I believe, the Secret Service men standing in the distance just staring at him like they’re thinking the same as we all are

“dude. go get him.”
“no! you get him!

He has his own version of Tetris where every piece is the square. He’s really good at it.

1) Staff tries to brief him on where to stand & he refuses to be briefed 2) They just don’t brief him or 3) They do & he forgets.

So, u can tell he was supposed to go upstage and behind big fake rock. Secret Service are waiting there. Then he can’t remember where to go?

Yes, clearly he wasn’t supposed to step out from the protective barrier. It’s freaky seeing him just bobbing to the music, lost.

I go to nursing care facilities for work and I’ve seen advanced alzheimer’s patients with better awareness than this doddering old fool

He looks like me when i was a kid,trying to find my parents on a beach without my glasses

While on the campaign trail Donald Trump made, several references to his Democratic opponent being unhealthy, lacking the proper stamina, and even accused her of hiding a mystery illness. Now, in what can only be described as a prophetic twist of fate, it seems that Donald Trump is intent on exhibiting that he is unhealthy, lacks stamina, and very well could be hiding a mystery illness. Perhaps this bizarre behavior is related to the horrifically ignorant things that seem to spill from his mouth whenever he goes off script.

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