New Video Reveals Just How Much Of A Sexual Predator Trump Is; He Should Be In Jail

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In the midst of a brewing legal storm between Trump and Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant, who says that the President kissed and grabbed her during a meeting at a Beverly Hills hotel, an old video has surfaced of Trump’s predator-like interaction with a woman, which would indefinitely hurt his court case.

Now, the exact year is unclear but it seems likely that it was sometime during the Apprentice run. The footage shows Donald Trump having an uncomfortable interaction with a woman attending a seminar he was lecturing at.

The interaction starts with the woman in the audience asking Trump how many jets he owns and if she could be a flight attendant. Trump then calls the woman up to the stage, embraces her, and puts his arm around her waist telling her that she’s hired.

With the woman still by his side, Trump launches into a story about the teenage waitress he hired for her looks.

Watch the creepy, yet slightly awkward exchange, below:


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