The saga of Melania Trump and just what is going on in her brain has been one of the most captivating parts of Donald Trump’s Presidency so far, and once again it’s taken an unusual turn in this latest story.


A picture of a letter that she wrote to Pamela Anderson, thanking her for sending her a Russian ‘faux fur lamb look’ coat (in case you didn’t know, Pamela spends a lot of her time campaigning for PETA against fur. No, me neither) which has emerged thanks to a tweet from Pammy herself. Take a look at this:

Dear Melania,
Thank you for your sweet note.
It is heartwarming to see you
manage your position with such beauty and grace.

Nothing that crazy there, until you look at her signature which is bizarrely almost exactly the same as her husband Donald’s. You can see that best below, but if you want an actual look at Donald Trump’s John Hancock, click here:

Is Donald Trump signing Melania’s letters for her?

I mean, those are pretty damn similar and considering how weird they both are, that can’t be a coincidence can it? There are a couple of reasons why this might be a thing (or at least that everyone here could come up with in the office):

  1. The pair of them just have remarkably similar signatures.
  2. One of them saw the other’s signature and thought it was cool and kinda ripped it off.
  3. One of them forced the other to adopt their signature style.
  4. It’s neither of their signatures and the White House just employs some psychopath to write everyone’s signatures in a weird style.

Yeah, not sure which one of these it would be, clearly leaning towards option 3 or 4 though. Just doesn’t seem like there’s any natural reason why their signatures would both be so bizarre. Hopefully someone has a copy of them from years ago so we can get to the bottom of this. Expect it on the internet within 24 hours.

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