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After nearly 200,000 people signed a petition calling for first lady Melania Trump to either move to the White House or pay for the security costs associated with her protection at Trump Tower (which means taxpayers won’t have to pay for her unnecessarily living arrangements), Melania still had the nerve to tweet an image of her and Donald Trump carelessly strolling through the White House.

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This image alone set off millions of people as many expressed their opinions on the First Lady:

@FLOTUS So the White House is good enough for you to visit now and again? Financing your lavish lifestyle is a waste of taxpayer $$$.

@FLOTUS Awful. Stop making the American people pay for you to live in Trump Tower. Move to the White House or pay for it yourself. Enough!

@FLOTUS Maybe stay there and stop fleecing American taxpayers to live in NYC? At least while Don is still in office.

@FLOTUS Wow actually in WH. Is this just a visit or you plan on stsying and saving us some money? Maybe if you had to pay the bill you’d think about

@FLOTUS Who’s she? Hope she is watering Michelle’s garden.

Some even took it to another level and  told her to get out:

@FLOTUS Don’t get too comfy there. Won’t be in WH long. Shame our tax $$ wasted on your future prison trips to visit hubby! SAD

The truth of the matter is that the taxpayers of New York, the residents of the area around Trump Tower, and even those around Mar A Lago have every right to be upset with this ongoing situation. Now, some may argue that things will change once Trump’s youngest son Barron finishes out the school year, but who knows if that’s actually the truth. Let’s not mention, the numerous  weekly vacations taken by Trump and making WH staff pay top dollar for each week that went directly into their family’s pockets. All of this adds up, people



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