Melania Trump doesn’t live in the White House; in fact, she may never move to D.C. That’s not new or late breaking and it’s not a fact that sits well with people:

Providing security for FLOTUS Melania Trump in New York City costs 2X the amount it takes to fund the National Endowment for the Arts.🖕🏻🇺🇸

However, people seemingly find solace in poking fun at Donald Trump and his wife living separately:

Melania Trump stays in New York to distance herself from any illegal activities (Treason) and the Dumpster fire which is the Trump Adm.

Six different administrations.

Note: creator asked that I not tag them in this tweet.

@yashar Just wow!! Poor @FLOTUS @MELANIATRUMP No wonder she stays in New York. @realDonaldTrump Unclassy person, period.

Diva Melania Trump should put that settlement towards reimbursing Nyrkrs for the cost of keeping her in New York at 300k a day.

Nevertheless, as with all things, the Trumps are unbothered by what the people they serve think and march onward with doing what they want, when they want, and how they want. Therefore, when Melania took to Twitter to welcome people to the White House — the real one, not the resort he owns in Palm Beach, FL that Trump has tried to convince himself is the Southern White House — people shamed Melania like never before.

Melania thoughtlessly tweeted:

.@POTUS & I are pleased to welcome visitor’s @WhiteHouse garden tour. We hope everyone enjoys exploring the beautiful grounds!

Other tweeters didn’t give a second thought to replying in ways like:

@FLOTUS @POTUS @WhiteHouse Nah. We’ll be marching for science in the face of the admins brutal cuts to R&D, Nat’l Labs, NIH, EPA, DoE, etc.

@FLOTUS @POTUS @WhiteHouse It is so nice to have a @POTUS that can fertilize a garden just by walking by and talk a lot of BS…

However, the best response of all may have been from this person, who reminds that Melania herself does not live at the White House to even be able to welcome “visitors,” therefore she too, will be visiting if there:

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