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Melania Trump has been the target of controversy even before President-elect Donald Trump won the 2016 United States Presidential Elections. The latest of which is the possible marital problems between the Trump couple brought about by Melania’s refusal to live in the White House.

In an announcement last week by the Republican team revealed that Melania and Barron Trump will not be moving into the White House along with the President-elect. It seems that Donald Trump’s wife and 10-year-old son will stay in New York City and many now refer to Melania as the Long-Distance First Lady.

The family’s decision to live separately when Donald Trump assumes the presidency has triggered rumors about the welfare of the couple’s marriage. According to Inquisitr, there are stories published online that hint that the First couple may be getting divorced soon. However, it is worth mentioning that the rumors about the Trump divorce have been floating around since the Access Hollywood scandal back in 2005. The latter rendered a video that features Donald Trump boasting about sexual assault towards women.

On the contrary, a report by Consumer News and Business Channel claims that there are other reasons behind Melania’s decision to stay behind after the January 20 inauguration. The former model from Slovenia expressed that her priority right now is their son, Barron Trump. Melania wishes to make the transition for Barron go as smoothly as possible, which made her decide against pulling out their son in the middle of the school year.

The incoming first lady has shared her thoughts during an interview earlier this year. Melania Trump told US Weekly that Barron needs a parent to be at home with him in the context that he won’t be pulled out in the middle of a school year. According to the same report, Melania and Barron Trump is expected to reunite with President-elect Donald Trump in their new home by the end of the school year.

With names as big as Donald Trump and Melania Trump, rumors are bound to surface. It is best to take such speculations with a grain of salt. Stay tuned to News Every Day for more updates on the First Family.

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