Since Melania Trump’s husband was elected to run the country, the first lady has been infamously press-shy, and seemed to want to spend more of her time in New York City than Washington that is for sure. The truth is, we don’t really know all that much about Melania, other than who shes married to and what her career was. All that we could try to say about Melania would mostly be coming from a place of pure speculation, but one thing seems to be for sure, she isn’t in a happy marriage.

There have been reports time and time again about what a terrible husband the president is, and proof to back that up, but is Melania subtly confirming that? On Tuesday evening for a very brief 45 minutes one of the whole two tweets that Melania Trump had ever liked on her Twitter account was a tweet that implied she hated her husband. The tweet in question shows a very viral GIF from the inauguration showing Melania smiling at her husband, and then quickly dropping the smile as soon has his eyes aren’t on her.

The tweet in question:


Twitter was quick to point out that Melania had liked this tweet.

Melania Trump has only two faved tweets and one (a few minutes old) is how much she hates her husband.

The account that favorited this tweet was Melania’s 100% real, verified personal account @MELANIATRUMP, not her professional @FLOTUS account. It has been noted by multiple users on Twitter that they saw her favorite this as well. Twitter users were quick to jump on the liked tweet, in shock.

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Shoutout @MELANIATRUMP for the most savage passive aggressive tweet liking of all time

By 10:53 she had removed the like, offering no comment as to why she liked it in the first place. Kate Knibbs, Ringer writer asked the the man that wrote the initial tweet that Melania liked, Andy Ostroy, if he had any ties to Mrs. Trump, he responded, “Hmm, I guess i do now…”

We really cannot know why the first lady liked this tweet. Was it an accident that she didn’t notice until twitter went crazy over it? Was it a passive aggressive dig at her husband perhaps? Maybe Melania is just like the rest of us, and cannot stand her arrogant, racist husband. Your guess is as good as ours.

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