With Donald Trump’s first overseas excursion since becoming *president has finally taken place, and of all places, beginning in Saudi Arabia, many were patiently awaiting the first pieces of news to come out of the trip.

Weirdly enough, some news hit the moment Trump and his wife Melania exited Air Force One.

Many folks noticed that Melania Trump chose to forgo wearing a headscarf. Which is only newsworthy because of something her husband tweeted back in 2015. Something she clearly ignored.

Here’s Melania not wearing a headscarf as she exits Air Force One:

Which, in all honesty, isn’t an insult to Saudi Arabian culture unless visiting a holy place, despite Trump fans really wanting it to be some sort of gesture.

One person who should have found it insulting when the First Lady of the United States doesn’t wear a headscarf, or at least he used to think it was an insult, is Donald Trump.

Back in 2015, in broken and misspelled English, Trump tweeted out:


Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted.We have enuf enemies

Which raises the clear question — did Melania Trump purposefully ignore her husband knowing his true feelings on the matter? OR Is Donald Trump just a raging hypocrite and just chose to attack Michelle Obama because that’s what he does?

Likely the latter. Although, we do know Melania does like to copy what Michelle Obama does.

This is just more proof of Donald Trump being a hypocrite.

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