Marco Rubio Tweets Incoherent Hurricane Irma Rant About Not Dying & Watching TV (IMAGE)

Everyone throughout all levels of government has spent the previous days doing their best to stress to those in the path of Hurricane Irma to get out while they could. As Hurricane Irma edges closer to Florida, Senator Marco Rubio addressed the voters in Florida and stressed, yet again, the seriousness of the storm. In doing so, he delivered a blunt message to Floridians that said, “Don’t be stupid.”


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‘Couple of things that happen around this time… everybody knows someone like this. Everyone becomes sort of an amateur meteorologist.’

He warned against listening to those amateur meteorologists especially if they try to downplay the seriousness of the storm. He stressed that the actual people who establish the path of the storm will tell anyone they are still in danger.

Additionally, many across social media seem to disregard the storm after it’s been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. If it doesn’t have the word hurricane in it, don’t worry about it. However, tropical winds can range from 39 to 73 mph and can be dangerous.

‘Tropical storm winds, which we are projected with great certainty to be impacted by, those are serious winds. That stuff blows off tiles. It knocks down trees. Don’t be the guy that gets killed by a tree. Every year we have it, the guy that’s standing around, the tree falls on their head. Don’t be the guy or the gal that gets killed by the tree.’

Rather than be killed by a tree, he advised Floridians to head to a shelter or hunker down and watch HBO’s Game of Thrones.

‘Everything’s closed. If you don’t lose power, that’s great. It’s a great time to… catch up on “Game of Thrones,” whatever it’s called, I haven’t watched it myself. If you’re in the shelter, just ride it out at this point.’

So, you heard it from Marco Rubio himself, folks. If you’re sheltered and safe, you should watch Game of Thrones. We admire him for trying to bring some entertainment to the lives of endangered Floridians stuck in the middle of a historic hurricane. However, we imagine the citizens of Florida are going to be a bit too preoccupied to be able to catch up on GoT.

Needless to say, Twitter had a field day with his remarks. Some, however, appreciated the humor in a time of great distress. Others suggested different shows to watch, and some even professed their love for Jon Snow.

You can watch his remarks and read the tweets below.


“Hey guys if your are not killed by  now is a great time to binge watch Games of Throne.”
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