The oh-so-brief White House Communications Director/billionaire Anthony Scaramucci’s rank and vulgar conversation with New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza was bad, really bad. Yet, hearing it in person was far worse. Lizza just released the audio of that culture-shattering phone call.

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Scaramucci  placed the call late one evening, the call that doomed him to the shortest term of any communications director in history. He reached the New Yorker’s Washington correspondent at his home. The Mooch’s job was communications, so his excuse that he did thought the conversation between the two men was off-record simply did not hold water.

The Mooch’s rough language might have entertained Trump, but it shocked the rest of the country. Lizza told the New Yorker:

‘So many politicians believe when they’re failing, they believe that the real problem is just a communications strategy—that if only the American public heard and saw what the most loyal supporters saw in the President, everything would be solved. “Let Trump be Trump” is the cliché, right? That was Scaramucci’s communications strategy, and I think that’s how he helped convince the President that he should take over the communications shop, even though he had no experience doing this.’

The Mooch stormed the White House, threatening to can his entire staff to weed out the leaker or leakers. Then, Scaramucci fired on Chief of Staff Reince Priebus using the phone call to Lizza as a machine gun to rip the man apart. Why? Maybe, The Mooch wanted to be chief of staff. Maybe, he saw Priebus as a threat. Certainly, Scaramucci said he would report directly to Donald Trump, instead of taking the traditional route through the chief of staff.

Scaramucci called Priebus “a paranoid schizophrenic,” and that is one of the few printable phrases in the call. The Mooch succeeded, but two days later, he was out, too. The new Chief of Staff John Kelly kicked him out right after taking office. Apparently, the sword that the now-former communications director used was double-edged and very sharp.

Kelly may be a short-term answer for the White House chaos, but Lizza does not blame the personnel for its problems. He told the New Yorker:

‘What’s dysfunctional about Trumpworld all stems from Donald Trump.’

Do not worry about Scaramucci. An adult entertainment site has already offered him a $500,000 job.

Check out this audio of excerpts of the Lizza-Scaramucci conversation and additional comments by Lizza and another New Yorker writer, David Remnick.

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