Kellyanne Conway hasn’t always been the Queen of Spin and a defender of “alternative facts.”

Long before she was the campaign manager and counselor to President Trump, Conway briefly attempted stand-up comedy. A video surfaced earlier this year of Conway — then known as Kellyanne Fitzpatrick — trying her hardest to be funny.]

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The video was recorded in 1998 at an event called “D.C.’s Funniest Celebrity Charity Event.” It seems safe to say that she was not the funniest celebrity in the room, with Rolling Stone describing her jokes as “cringeworthy” and “a special brand of dad humor for deeply embedded Washington insiders.”

Conway’s set included awkward jokes about how she broke her leg (because “Chris Matthews needed someone else’s foot to stick in his mouth”) and female political pundits (whom she called “pundettes.”)

Conway also went the extra mile at the end of her 11-minute set and donned a feather boa before performing a song about “the pundit blues.” One of the lines from the song still seems to ring true today:

‘I don’t know nothin’ about that but they’ll still invite me to chat, as long as I’m blonde and not too fat.’

Conway has certainly proven to know very little since she began appearing on television to first promote, and then to defend, President Trump. She can’t seem to make it through an interview without embarrassing herself — when she’s not busy making up terror attacks like the “Bowling Green Massacre,” she’s rambling about microwaves being used as surveillance tools — but, since she’s “blonde and not too fat,” she keeps getting invited back. To be fair, though, some shows like “Morning Joe” have decided that Conway is too much of a liability, even with her blonde hair, and have stopped inviting her on.

It would be nice to say that things have gotten better for Conway since she was singing about the “pundit blues” nearly 20 years ago, but, unfortunately for her, that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least she’s finally getting some laughs, even if they are at, rather than with, her.

Watch Conway’s pathetic attempt at stand-up comedy in the video below, available via YouTube.

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