Kellyanne Conway Went On Live TV To Describe Trump’s Greatest Quality; Get Ready To Laugh Your A** Off

Most Americans would agree that Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of pleasant character traits, but Kellyanne Conway, the woman who tells lies for a living, believes there is one characteristic that would describe Trump best: humility . Que the infamous laughing emoji.

While appearing on Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club,” the host asked her “what characteristic stands out in your mind” when thinking about President Donald Trump. Conway replied, “it’s one that most of the media never associate with him, and I would say it’s humility.”
Trump must have completely brain-washed her because that is the most ridiculous claim she has ever made. Notably, that might be worse than Bowling Green Massacre.

The president is anything but humble. If you even partially keep up with Trump, you would know that he will brag about himself any chance he gets. Here’s a current example: Just yesterday, Trump went to Texas sporting his new “USA45” campaign hat, which he has been using the devastating affects of Hurricane Harvey to model and sell. During his “speech” in Corpus Christi, he remarked on the size of the crowd that went to see him, even though people in the surrounding areas lost everything due to the natural disaster. Most of his comments about Hurricane Harvey were focused on how “great” he and his team were handling it, and not about how people could help, or even words of encouragement for the people in Texas, particularly Houston.

So no, Kellyanne, humility would not be Trump’s greatest quality–in fact–at this point, I don’t even think he has one.  Per usual, Kellyanne’s delusional statements have left her looking like a complete fool.

Watch the video, here:


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