Kellyanne Conway Ruthlessly Exploits Mass Shootings for Politics

kellyanne 8-19-2016

Sunday’s horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas has reignited the age-old media pastime of scolding Democrats for trying to make Americans safer, while Republicans who nakedly politicize these tragedies in order to enable more mass shootings are somehow granted the moral high ground.

For example, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders banged on about not politicizing the shooting by discussing gun control and in the next breath deployed a racist dog whistle to argue against it.

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway has kept her head down this time around by offering the standard (and worthless) “thoughts and prayers,” but she has a long history of the most shameful political exploitation of tragedy. During the presidential campaign, Conway used two mass shootings as a way to attack Hillary Clinton:

Referring to San Bernardino, Nice, Orlando, Hillary calls the murderers “determined enemies” rather than radical Islamic terrorists.

Ironically, yet predictably, her guy would not even utter the word “gun” during his remarks on the Las Vegas shooting Monday.

Following the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, Conway did not hesitate to use that tragedy to argue against gun control:

Orlando shooter called 911 & pledged allegiance to ISIS, not to Smith & Wesson. 

But most disturbingly, Conway exploited the Congressional Baseball Game practice mass shooting to suggest that resistance to President Donald Trump was to blame and that a “police state” would be the end result if it continued:

You can’t attack people personally in a way and think that tragedies like this won’t happen. By the way, look at the response from some in the public. You’ve got Martha McSally, congresswoman from Arizona. Claudia Tenney, congresswoman from New York. Two women I know very well and work with closely, they have been directly threatened since this happened, and as have others. That’s very concerning to everyone.

We don’t want to live in a police state because we can’t get control of people’s rhetoric.

Conway is already on record in support of controlling free speech, but it’s fascinating to juxtapose her willingness to do so with her unwillingness to make Americans safer.

Watch the clip below.

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