Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was really on a roll this morning in making a fool of herself on national television.

Shortly after appearing on NBC’s Today Show, she went on ABC’s Good Morning America. Whereas she struggled to make any sense while on NBC, when she went over to ABC she didn’t even try.

She was pressed by host George Stephanopoulos, who began:

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‘So the White House was told by the Justice Department last month that Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Yet he stayed in the job for seventeen days after the warning from the Justice Department — why?’

Conway replied by stating, “President Trump has asked me to join you today to say that he accepted the resignation of General Flynn, and really the key here in that resignation is simple. It’s that the Vice President was misled by General Flynn.”

Well thank you then, Ms. Mindless, Spineless Propagandist. Can you not think for yourself?

Conway’s phrasing in stating only what the president “asked her to” is definitely strange. She went on throughout the rest of her appearance on Good Morning America to literally answer none of the questions with which she was asked, opting instead to repeat some version of the line over and over, “I do not know the answer to that.”

Stephanopoulos asked Conway whether the president himself knew that Flynn had lied about the contents of conversations the General had with a Russian diplomat. Perhaps, if the president in fact didn’t know, that would explain why Trump had “full confidence” in Flynn after the DOJ revealed that he’d lied and was vulnerable to Russian blackmail?

Conway’s response? “I do not know the answer to that.”

Stephanopoulos repeatedly posed the broader question to Conway of why Flynn continued in his position for weeks if he was known to be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, but her reply was always similar. She stated at one point, “I don’t know all the details. I haven’t spoken to everyone that you’re talking about.”

Stephanopoulos was dumbfounded as to why Conway was so clueless, ending the segment by posing the rhetorical question, “Why does the president… ask to have [Kellyanne Conway] come on our program if she can’t answer the simple yes or no questions about what happened with General Flynn?”

Watch Conway’s ill fated appearance below, via YouTube:

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