California Governor Jerry Brown spoke with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Sunday morning. The two men were discussing divisiveness in the Democratic party. Todd asked Brown what the litmus test should be for being a Democrat and brought up the issue of abortion.

Brown was quick to say that abortion should not be the litmus test of being a Democrat. He spoke of the diversity within the party and the differences between voters in our many, varied cultural areas. He stated,

The fact that some people believe today what most people believed 50 years ago should not be the basis for their exclusion. In America, we’re not ideological, we are not like a Marxist party in 1910 … there is not the ideological purity … We must rise against some of our most cherished, ideological inclinations and find a common basis.

Kellyanne Conway was quick to jump on this segment of the show to point out that Democrats do not relate with the common man – that Democrats won’t accept other Democrats who aren’t pro-choice.

That is what she took away from the exchange? It’s just like her to twist the actual conversation to make it fit her idiot rhetoric. Twitter users took the moment to correct her babbling.

Pro choice isn’t pro abortion. We can reduce abortions by providing safe, effective & affordable contraceptives to all women.

Wow. This may be a little too “common” sense for Kellyanne.

I love madlibs. However, Conway madlibs are extra maddening and it makes me want to see a house fall on her.

Fact: Lying for the GOP makes you age in dog years. May want to have a consultation with @IvankaTrump plastic surgeon.

OK. I dislike anyone who attacks others based on their looks. However, the term “age in dog years” just needed to be shared with everyone.

The litmus test is choice idiots. Nothing else will do. Quit skewing pro-choice into pro-abortion.

Yes! This all day long.

The point is that Democrats have not made “extreme abortion” policies the litmus test for being a good Democrat – that’s what people like Kellyanne Conway and others have done. If anything, GOPers have made the litmus test for being Republican “anti-choice”.

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