Kellyanne Conway continues to show that she will lie on behalf of Donald Trump for just about anything. On Thursday’s Today show, Conway said:

‘I talked last night to Tiffany Trump, and she said it is flatly false that she is registered in two states.’

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The problem is that Conway is once again justifying the lie of something that is just a few clicks away from being verified. An excerpt from a New York Daily News article that ran Thursday morning reads:

‘A top White House aide swore on national TV that President Trump’s daughter isn’t registered to vote in two states — even though online voting records show otherwise.’

This would-be molehill is being made a mountain in part because on Wednesday, Donald Trump tweeted:

I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and….

When can the American people expect Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, to be investigated? She won’t be, but once again U.S. citizens have been lied to about something that further speaks to the Trump administration’s lack of candor and transparency. Less than one week in office and it seems that Donald Trump will allow his staff to lie about anything.

The reality is that being registered to vote in more than one state isn’t a major deal or a definite indicator of fraudulent voting practices. It’s not illegal and there is no evidence that Tiffany Trump voted in two states. Cosmopolitan magazine wrote:

‘It’s not uncommon for college students to be registered both where they attend school and in their home state.’

People being registered to vote in more than one state is far from the real issue. Trump’s ego, is the matter at hand. Simply put: Donald Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million people. Rather than concede that so many voters don’t like him, he’d rather create a problem where there isn’t one. In fact, the New York Daily News reminds readers that Trump has:

‘. . .repeatedly insisted that between three and five million people voted illegally, costing him the popular vote.

This too is not true and has absolutely no data to support it. The New York Daily News reveals:

‘There is absolutely no proof of such a problem. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have finalized their election results with no reports of the kind of widespread fraud Trump is alleging, and multiple independent studies have found no evidence of significant fraudulent votes.’

Donald Trump is spending his time further dividing a country still torn and hurting from his campaign built on hate, subsequent Electoral College win, and the hateful rhetoric of his supporters. As long as they’re not voting twice, no one really cares if Tiffany Trump or a random person from Kentucky named Tiffany are registered to vote in two states.

In less than a week Donald Trump has signed more documents designed to hurt the American people than he has been willing to fully disclose. The American people must be careful not to fall for the clever distractions strategically being thrown out by the Trump administration.

The video of Kellyanne Conway flatly failing the American people by lying, is below:

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