Nothing plagues a narcissist more than having critical things said about them, or worse, published about them. This is definitely true of Donald Trump who clearly can’t handle anything even remotely critical being said of him. In fact, he hates it so much, he prints out copies of internet articles then takes a Sharpie to them with criticism back, signs it, and sends it back.

F*cking weird, right?

And it’s not anything new! He’s been doing it for years.

However, POLITICO Magazine has just released the most recent batch, and they are just as crazy and bizarre as any seen before.

A few of them are harsh criticisms and, well, name-calling, because of course.

This one is to Chris Moody of Yahoo! News:

Bad Reporting
Bad Reporter
Donald Trump
No “why”!”


Then this one to Mark Singer of The New Yorker:

You are a
total loser—and
your book (and writings)
Best Wishes
P.S. And I hear it
is selling badly


This next article got completely torn apart. It was written by Juli Weiner and addressed to Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair‘s editor:

I know far more about you than you know about me—you never got the “Trump Thing.” As one of your writers recently said, “Graydon doesn’t like you.”
Best Wishes,
Donald Trump

I’ve never talked about how “Spy” wentbust—it didn’t outlast my countdown.”

Check out the byline circled and it says “BAD WRITER!”:


But it’s not all criticism. There are several ‘thank you’ notes as well. Which are equally as bizarre, because they border on love notes.

Here’s a note to Linda Stasi of the New York Daily News and New York Post. She apparently wrote favorably about ‘The Apprentice’:

We have a great cast—I wanted you to be the first—
I adore you


And this note to Chris Cillizza, who at the time was at The Washington Post, but is now at CNN:

Wow—you have come a long way! I am making progress—
Donald Trump”


Then there’s his note to POLITICO that he addressed to his supporters that were written about in the article printed out:

“Dick + Jane—
Thank you to all
Best Wishes
Donald Trump”


Then this note to Olivia Nuzzi from The Daily Beast:

Thank you—
So Nice!
Donald Trump”


And one making a promise to Sahil Kapur of Bloomberg:

“Thank you Sahil—
I will make you look very smart—
Best Wishes
Donald Trump”


This is all just so f*cking weird. Who the hell does this? And who does Trump think he is that he’s got the power to make anyone “look smart,” or for that matter, not look smart?

He’s got way too much time in his day to take every article written about him so damn personally. And now that he’s the *president, he better not do this anymore. For goodness sake, man.

Trump, if you’re reading this, you’re going to get written about. You’re now the President of the United States. At least for the moment. You’re the most criticized person on the planet and with good reason. Every president is scrutinized. It comes with the job. If you can’t emotionally handle this then, by all means, resign. Thanks.

(*pending investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

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